US Missions

Jefferson Avenue supports mission efforts to the Hispanic population in the Upper Cumberland area, an initiative to evangelize on campus at Tennessee Tech, the television program "In Search of the Lord's Way," the Gospel Broadcast Network and Inner City Ministries. 

US Missions: Jefferson Avenue Church of Christ is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective mission works in the continental US. This includes searching for new mission opportunities, recommending missionaries, providing financial support and encouragement, and updating the church on mission efforts. 

Currently there are 6 mission works supported. 

If you would like more information about US missions, would like to volunteer, or contribute to any of these works please contact Ken Clark, who oversees this ministry.

Foreign Missions

Jefferson Avenue supports missionaries in Panama, Nicaragua and Mexico in Central America, Caracas, Venezuela, in South America, Dominican Republic and Jamaica in the Caribbean, as well as African Christian School and Gospel Chariot Mission in Africa. We also support Eastern European Missions, Healing Hands International in Nashville and World Christian Broadcasting in Franklin. 

Jefferson Avenue Church of Christ desires for everyone to come to know Christ and to develop a personal relationship with him, both in spirit and in truth. With this in mind, the church supports foreign missions in the following ways: 

  • San Blas Islands and Panama- support for 16 preachers
  • San Blas Islands- 2 Evangelism Campaigns
  • San Blas Islands School of Preaching- 9 Students
  • Caracas, Venezuela - 1 Missionary
  • World Christian Broadcasting- Franklin, TN. 
  • Nicaragua- 25 Preachers
  • Jamaica- 1 Missionary
  • African Christian School- 12 Students
  • Jamaica School of Preaching- Support
  • South Africa- Gospel Chariot Mission
  • Healing Hands International- Nashville, TN. 
  • Dominican Republic- 2 Missionaries
  • Eastern European Missions- 1 Missionary
  • Mexico- 1 Preacher

For more information about any of these works please contact: Sam Brown, Jason Fowler, or Gaylon Presley